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No matter if you’re a stay-at-home wife or a working professional, a beautifully designed kitchen is a shared source of inspiration for culinary endeavors. Our collaboration with a dedicated kitchen remodeling company in Kolkata can turn this inspiration into reality. With expertise in maximizing space utilization and aesthetics, we specialize in kitchen remodeling services that cater to seamless organization and enhanced beauty. Our commitment extends throughout Kolkata, ensuring that every kitchen becomes a functional and visually appealing space for both cooking and bonding.

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Crafting an aesthetic kitchen doesn’t just enhance your house’s beauty; it can seamlessly transform into a captivating hangout spot rivaling your living room. Partnering with a skilled kitchen remodeling company Kolkata, you can cultivate a contemporary kitchen that entices both residents and guests. Modern kitchens foster easy movement, swift access to essentials, and accelerated cooking processes. The strategic allocation of kitchen equipment optimizes space and reduces undue hassle. Discovering room for every necessity becomes effortless. Open countertops, an in-kitchen dining table, and versatile storage units become integral features. Beyond functionality, this orchestration of space instills order, granting the illusion of a more spacious area that sparks joy. A kitchen that’s visually splendid tends to inspire spectacular culinary endeavors, engendering joyous cooking experiences and a culinary adventure brimming with experimentation. As the saying goes, the fondest memories take root in the kitchen.

How We Remodel

Bliss Interior Solutions upgrades your food preparation area with visually appealing tiles, which is not only beautiful but functional and durable. Marvel kitchen counters look bigger and give you the creativity to create something new every day. You can choose your pattern and type from our vouchers. Brighten up the inside of your small kitchen and make it bigger. With a new paint theme and new cabinet hardware, the kitchen will be transformed into insta perfect. We choose the right kind of hardware and colour to make your kitchen look cleaner, brighter and more sophisticated.

If you are someone who fancies a comfy sitting area in the kitchen, we also provide a classy looking Islands that can be used as a dining table and also as a food preparing desk. Maybe you’ve always wanted to bring your laptop into the kitchen to browse through recipes. A kitchen can be perfect to place your laptop, recipe books or phone while you cook. Even if your kitchen is small, we will give you options for kitchen Islands. A small kitchen feels larger when we put stylish looking display space on the wall instead of cabinets that are bulky and close down the kitchen. Display shelves on your kitchen look more breathable, open and the light reflects on the wall naturally. You can display the china set you love so much. Or the copper pot you inherited from your grandmother. Display shelves make things easily accessible while making your kitchen look right out of an instagram picture.

We give you the option to get world-class appliances from our dealers. We will make a modular kitchen with enough space to compactly fit all your kitchen appliances like gas oven, stove, microwave, fridge, dishwasher, chimney and other kitchen equipment. You can choose the design for the modular kitchen furniture. It can have prints, or classic solid colours, it’s all up to you. Look through our brochure to choose one that suits your personality. If you have a large kitchen we can talk and transform it into something cosy where you can set a chit chat corner and enjoy your coffee with the loved ones.

We also provide kitchen flooring solutions. It gives a new look to your kitchen, and opens up the kitchen floor. It also does not become too dusty. We understand the need of having a clean kitchen counter. The small equipment often makes your kitchen counter tacky. Equipment such as mixer grinder, pastels, lemon squeezer, spoon holders can take up a lot of space and make your kitchen look hectic. We use Modular kitchen in such a way so there is space for everything and yet your kitchen counters are easy to clean and stay clean.

For cabinets or shelves on top of the kitchen, we provide all types of door solution. If you don’t want cabinet doors opening vertically, we can provide sliding doors to make it take less space. Open kitchens are now a requirement if you are someone who likes a tidy, open kitchen and dining area. We would make it happen.

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We are an innovative interior designing company who provide creative, beautiful and sustainable designing ideas and execute them to perfection. Our services are far more affordable than many interior designers in Kolkata. Give us a call now to fix an appointment or to get an estimated cost. Look through our vouchers and give us an idea of what kind of kitchen you want and we will help you make it happen.