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An adult human dedicates around 9 to 10 hours per day, five days a week or even more, within the office environment. This space serves as a significant part of one’s routine. Offices can vary, ranging from expansive open spaces accommodating numerous individuals to designated rooms catering to distinct official positions. If you aim to optimize the productivity, aesthetics, and functionality of your workspace, consider enlisting the expertise of an accomplished office interior designer Kolkata to craft an environment that resonates with professionalism and efficiency.

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How Should An Office Be Designed?

Interior designing for an office should be done in such a way that everyone has their own space yet they have the freedom to work together and interact easily. The design should inspire employees to create something new, to be productive every day. The design should also be functional enough to hold all the furniture, equipment and workstations not to forget space for people to move around. With our experience and expertise, we make office designs keeping in mind the practicality and the Beauty both.

How Do We Design Offices?

Every office encapsulates a distinctive environment, embodying its own professional ethos, work nature, and cultural backdrop. This is where the expertise of an adept office interior designer Kolkata comes into play. Irrespective of your industry or requirements, we seamlessly integrate your vision into the office’s design narrative. For instance, if creativity is at the heart of your office culture, we orchestrate vibrant themes with an array of hues, spacious collaborative zones, and larger workstations. Conversely, for data-intensive settings, our designs optimize individual spaces while maintaining efficiency. In densely populated offices, we prioritize effective space management, ensuring every corner is optimized for utility.

The flow of people within the office premises is a crucial factor to consider. Our mastery lies in achieving a harmonious balance. Walkways remain unobstructed, yet seated employees feel comfortable and unrestricted. We comprehend the intricacies of office dynamics, from communal areas to meeting spaces, and private chambers for higher-ups. Transitioning between these spaces is seamless, with an emphasis on comfort and aesthetic continuity. Adequate lighting is integral to our designs. Strategically placed illumination enhances alertness without causing glare. Opting for diffused light through a false ceiling proves superior to fixed wall-mounted lights.

Selecting an appropriate color palette is yet another layer of our expertise. Scientifically, colors influence our mood and productivity. Dark shades might inadvertently dampen employee spirits, while neutral tones cultivate relaxation and heightened efficiency. Our approach extends to rugs, desk accessories, chairs, and wall hues, all meticulously calibrated to your aspirations and our design proficiency. By embracing our collaborative process, your office’s identity and functionality flourish under our seasoned guidance as an office interior designer Kolkata.

What Kind Of Flooring Is Perfect For The Office?

Cleaning and maintenance is easy for marble flooring. Dirt can be easily identified on a marble floor. The dirt is relatively easier to sweep off and mobbing is easy too. Marvel or tile flooring is pricey and makes noise when people walk on it.

Plywood or plastic flooring is another option which is more affordable than tiles. They are easy to clean too and look really beautiful. Floor Paper is another option for beautiful floors. However, we don’t recommend it. They are not durable at all. For offices who need complete silence like telecentres, call centres, carpeted flooring work the best. They don’t make any sound from the footsteps. They look beautiful and feel good to walk on. Maintenance of the carpeted floor can be costly.

What If The Office Area Is Small?

What If The Office Area Is Small?It is quite possible that the total area to people ratio is low. A well organised office can solve that problem. The desks should have minimum accessories, the wires should be running around in plain sight. Light colours should be the central theme. The walls should be kept clean without any accessories. Modern storage ideas such as compact cabinets should be implemented. The windows should be kept particularly big for the inflow of natural light. For one of the best office interior designs in Kolkata, please contact Bliss Interior Solutions.